Charlotte Coales

About me

Science Communicator and Presenter, Nature Live team

Natural History Museum, London

• Produce and present a daily programme of events for adult, school and family audiences.  

• Develop and facilitate evening discussion events to large audiences on a variety of subjects with external expert            


• Work closely with scientists to coach and develop their skills in public engagement.

• Excellent organisation skills and ability to project manage multiple tasks under pressure.

• Experienced in experimenting with different engagement formats and able to think creatively under pressure.

• Confident in recorded and live ‘to camera’ pieces coupled with strong interviewing skills.

• Regularly presents for live video feeds, live webcasts and live video-conferenced events.

• Confident in ‘on air’ presentation skills, with microphone use and in-ear piece.  

• Responsible for social media including twitter, Facebook and blogs to engage online audiences.


Other experience includes:


• Researcher and writer with the Breakfast News Team at 95bFM Radio, New Zealand

• Researcher, BBC Natural History Radio Unit, Bristol

• DJ, Wycombe Hospital Radio Station, High Wycombe, Bucks



• Writer, Focus Magazine, Tower House, Bristol

• Writer, ‘Felix’, Imperial College Student Newspaper, London

• Researcher and writer, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Bristol  



• Researcher, Development Department, Natural History New Zealand (NHNZ), New Zealand

• Researcher, ‘Britain’s Cleverest Animal’, BBC Natural History Television Unit, Bristol



• Department of Conservation, New Zealand

      Assisted Rangers on DOC managed islands with general maintenance and bird monitoring.

• Biosphere Expeditions, Bieszczady Mountains, Poland

      Work included large mammal tracking and observation techniques and the use of radio transmitter equipment.

•      Fieldwork expeditions to Indonesia and Greece to study terrestrial and aquatic habitats as part of my degree.



•      Science Educator, Natural History Museum, London

•      Explainer, Science Museum, London

•      Explainer, ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo